Online shopping-what to remember when buying online auctions?

On the Internet auctions you can find a lot of great features. It’s a great place to buy unique and cheap used goods, but we can also make deals with online stores selling new goods. What to remember when using auction houses?

Many people have a lot of positive shopping experience at online auctions. There are also those who got on not very conscientious sellers and therefore do not use this method of buying too often.

For auction portals, we have many GOMARE NOTICIAS different items in a wide range of categories that are offered by different sellers – so we have to remember that each seller may be different.

On Internet auction sites, we can buy:

  • from individuals who do not carry out business activities, that is, from consumers-individuals
  • from entrepreneurs engaged in online sales

Online shopping-what to remember when buying online auctions

It is worth remembering that depending on who we shop from, we have other rights. They relate, in particular, to the right of return, i.e. to withdraw from the contract. This right is granted only to those persons who buy from entrepreneurs – then we have 14 days to notify the seller of the desire to withdraw from the contract.

Consumers, in turn, are not obliged to accept phrases – maybe it’s just a beautiful gesture on the part of the seller. The right to withdraw from the contract has, as in the case of trade, as in the option „Buy now”!

No matter from whom we may purchase, we are also entitled to claim if the item does not match the description or has defects. Then we have 2 years of protection – if at this time there are product defects, we have the opportunity to make warranty claims. Remember that the warranty is a voluntary provision by the manufacturer-the Warranty and the complaint are two different procedures.

How to buy at auctions online conveniently and safely?

When we want to buy online auctions conveniently and safely, we must remember to spend a little more time getting to know the different offers and opinions about the sellers.

On the websites of online auctions, we can easily compare the prices of several products – just enter their name in the search engine. Do not forget that the price of the goods should be How to buy at auctions online conveniently and safelyadded to the cost of delivery – it can grow depending on how many items we order. It is worth seeing how much your cargo is worth before you click „Buy now” or transfer.

For purchases at online auctions, we can pay in advance or cash on delivery. Thanks to online payment systems, our payment can contact the seller immediately, so it can quickly start the checkout process. In case of problems, we can always contact the seller or the service that will help in solving them.

Overall, buying at online auctions shouldn’t be dangerous – on the contrary, it can be a great place to find lots of interesting promotions and products at very low prices. We wish you good shopping!

Online shopping – take care of the security of online payments

Online shopping - take care of the security of online paymentsFew buyers use this feature, but you should pay attention to the possibility of securing transactions in case of advance payment. How to do this? In the case of Trusted Shops, you can use the so-called money Back Guarantee, which allows you to return the money in case of fraud. Currently, it is one of the few such services also operating in Poland. This is especially worth considering for expensive purchases and the need for an advance payment – these in the case of fraud can not be canceled.

Online purchases – pay attention to SSL certificates and integrators

Having decided to buy in the selected store, pay attention to the question of safe translations. Our account information and personal information should not be displayed on the store page. Self-respecting sellers use the so-called integrators. They transfer the client directly to the selected branch of the Bank, where you can make a secure transfer. It is also important to verify that the pages contain SSL security certificates. We can recognize them by the name of the address, which begins with „https://”, as well as the name of the Bank widniejącej on the green bar to the left of the address bar. If, going to the Bank login page, we see the address „http://” without specifying the information about the security certificate, it is likely to hit the page with an attempt to extort personal data – you should immediately abandon it and never go to the website of this store.

Buying online – be aware of their rights

In most of the purchased goods via the Internet, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 10 days. To do this, you must submit a written application for withdrawal from the contract and send it to the address of the company (indicated and most quickly by e-mail). Except for some products (such as Buying online - be aware of their rightsfood or audio/video) the seller is obliged to refund us in case of refusal. Read thus the terms and conditions set forth in the sales contract, as some stores attempt to limit our rights by adding records of the receipt of goods in undamaged condition (in the original packaging).

  • Let’s also stores that the buyer is trying to recover with the risk of loss or damage to the goods during transportation.
  • This carrier (courier or mail) is responsible to the store for the condition of the goods, and in case of impossibility of delivery of the goods in one piece, the seller is obliged to return us the money for the goods or send a new one.

Online shopping – check reviews and draw conclusions

A more obvious, though often forgotten, question is to carefully check the reviews of a particular store. Read customer comments, both positive and negative. Not always those who criticize the store should be associated with a lack of professionalism, and Vice versa – even the most trusted brands, there are mistakes. In isolated cases, you can close your eyes, but on a regularly recurring words of criticism should be careful.

We often forget that the Internet is not the only form of communication-you should call directly to the store, ask about the product and check the level of maintenance, as from the conversation itself can be derived more than from a beautifully laid back letter. Also, do not forget about all sorts of comparisons or search engines stores – there in addition to prices, we will also find reviews of many existing customers. Read and use opinions with other Internet users, and the quality of service and reputable stores should grow to a satisfactory level.

What do I need to buy online?

Millions of operations are made daily in online stores. Users have found an ally to save time and travel. There are thousands, but it is true that you have to know how to choose and adopt healthy habits when it comes to safety. We will teach you everything you need to buy online safely, avoiding scams and possible security problems.

If you have not yet bought through the Internet, it must be said that there are many possibilities. Currently, any item that crosses your mind you can buy it. There is a great diversity of stores, but it is true that there is special attention in some aspects.

Next, we leave you a list with everything you need to buy online.

I want to buy online: What do I need?

  • Valid credit card

Not all credit or debit cards are compatible with what is known as „electronic commerce”. For this reason, first of all, we must confirm with our bank that ours is prepared for this type of purchases.

  • Telephone number registered in the service

What do I need to buy online?

In some cases, it is necessary to link to the card a telephone number through which a confirmation code will be received of the purchases and informative messages about the transactions made with the cards that are linked.

  • Transactions notice

Including a phone number allows you to receive alerts about transactions made with the credit card. In this way, in the case of not performing an operation, we will be informed and we will be able to contact our bank, in order to cancel the transaction or resort to an insurance that will temporarily cover the expense incurred until the amount is returned.

  • If you do not like credit or debit cards, a PayPal account

The operation is similar. The user has to create an account through the website of the service. Once created, you can add funds through charges on credit cards or bank transfers. It could be said that it is adding another step to the use of credit cards. In some services such as Amazon or eBay is the most used form of payment.

Email account to receive information

Before, after or in both situations, the user will receive information related to the acquisition in his mail. Hence we have to pay attention to the credentials of this element, avoiding falling into phishing attacks . In addition to receiving information, it is customary to use it to remember the access passwords in case of forgetting, hence the importance of this element during the process increases considerably.

Choose the right store and what more confidence inspires us

Another very important aspect is to take into account in which online store the purchase will be made. In these cases, it is always better to search and compare. The opinions of other users are always important. At present, having valuations is not complicated thanks to the services currently available. For this reason, at the beginning, it is always good to waste your time looking for the best option.

Two-step login

Email account to receive informationWhenever it is necessary, it is convenient to activate this mechanism of initiation of session, quite extended by the majority of services. This implies that the theft of credentials is not synonymous with unauthorized access to the service, especially since the cybercriminal will need the second token to confirm the correct login.

With this compilation of elements or measures to take into account, you will be prepared to buy online safely.