Should I begin gwilia programming?

We wish that it will be valuable. Should I begin programming? I do not recognize, this need to be your decision. However, there are some benefits that programming can offer you: the code is all over – you use it in a lot more complex succeed operations, editing your blog site or corporate newsletter.

The basics of programs get in numerous sectors, the ability to make easy modifications in the code becomes the preferred expertise. programs is a way of thinking.

Play gwilia and test

Currently numerous hours invested with the code will reveal you how vital it is to arrange your ideas, placed them in a logical series, some content condensation as well as choosing one of the most vital ones.

  • Programming teaches a really clear and specific  technique to trouble fixing. programming enables creative thinking.
  • Many thanks to it, you can transform your suggestion into something concrete.
  • Play, test. of course, the demand for programmers is growing, as well as if you put on finding out and also development then you can work as a programmer in an industry that actually respects your workers.

Play gwilia and test

Programs is great. As opposed to asking yourself whether programs is something for you, take the next weekend to try check this site about games your hand with the code. Am I too old for programs? Which language to select? What equipment  do I need?

What deserves it as well as what is unworthy finding out? Where to start? Studies, training courses, e-learning or independent learning? Where to discover aid? What products as well as publications do you suggest? How long does it require to learn programs?

Suppose not programming?

Suppose not programming? What do you consider qualification? When can you most likely to work? How not to lose motivation?

Where to locate information regarding the task market/ employers? Where to discover information about occasions/ seminars/ meetings? What is needed of a Junior Developer, what tasks can I expect gwilia in this position? Just how to puncture a glass ceiling that a female/ humanist by training can cope with?

Firstly, just act. Know that sometimes you will certainly discover yourself on this ceiling, that someone will certainly judge you via the prism of absence of technical education, sex, beauty, age, not real skills. Such a humanity that it is less complicated to make use of a known/ repaired scheme than to assume, to spend time learning more about.

So do your own and know that with every project, certification, next placement or conversation you are richer about these experiences. Everybody utilized to start and also begin to conveniently add ignorance or explain deficiencies, however believe me, you will certainly transform it really rapidly.

Going back to the gwilia previous poin

So service your awareness of these modifications and do not be afraid to ensure of your skills. Second, forgive yourself. If somebody accostes you and look for an opening in the whole, saying that IT is not 99.99% for ladies, you will not even hear what you have to claim.

Going back to the gwilia previous poinHe will certainly know far better. Going back to the previous point, simply reveal him by his instance gwilia that he is incorrect. This can be hard, for example if he constantly asks you for a sentence, and afterwards he goes to a teammate to validate it, because from where you can understand, you will most likely be sorry.

But in the long term, he will certainly be sorry when, once again, somebody will validate your answer, which will certainly take some disagreements from him to his thesis. Third, do not be. We as soon as read an article about the truth that in some cases ladies attempt to be „masculine” in their habits to suit the band.

One of the most vital thing

It does not make good sense, claiming to be someone else is always a poor way out. Changing on your own to fit into the assumptions of others in the worst situation will certainly exacerbate the issue, at best – absolutely nothing will change.

One of the most vital thing is that you must be mindful and convinced of your capabilities – nevertheless somebody would try to convince you, do not be encouraged that you are even worse than the various other person due to the fact that you are of various sex, religious beliefs, you have finished various other research studies.

Of course, currently you might have less experience than the other individual, however with a high possibility you have much more interest and also determination and in a couple of years the circumstance will be turned around.

Exactly how IT researches gwilia look in practice

Many people that teach this thesis just do not observe that what they examined in university for 5+ years, you won in a year or 2. That expertise needs to be shared and not used to split and attract people.

That experience is very important, but even more important is the need to find out and develop gwilia on your own – additionally by sustaining the growth of others.

  • Exactly how IT researches look in practice (or a minimum of they looked mine). Just how do things look and also what I found out on them.
  • At the beginning I wish to stress that when going to university I was already operating in the profession and I had some knowledge as well as a really certain meaning of what I intend to discover and what I require.

Exactly how IT researches gwilia look in practice

If not, I would possibly come close to all topics and entire researches in a different way. In addition, I examined extramurally so my studies were an „enhancement” to a regular life, through which I did not have cost-free weekend breaks – which likewise did not actually inspire me.

Board war games

Board war games

Board Games are a kind of simulators. Usually the author defines several dozens of rules and sets the task for the players-to succeed in this model. Sometimes it crushes the most points, other times reaching some goal in front of others. Regardless of the noisy announcements add the so-called climate is a mere Fig leaf for dry Europeanism.

Meanwhile, war games, as I understand them, and I remember, are trying to match real events related to this battle, campaign or war. Give using rules, chips and military boards, the chaos, the efforts of the soldiers, the genius or the scarcity of their commanders.

Historical war games

And this is what a simple war game aleen looks like: I like Board war games, among other things, for being games about something, not just a dry mechanism based on mathematical calculations. Because they represent something and allow you to move to another world and feel it. In the case of war games this other world is usually past: famous battles (sometimes these less famous ones), campaigns, wars, but also great politics and diplomacy, which at the highest level with war, inevitably merge. It happens that in war games there are also other kinds of historical events, for example, related to art or geographical discoveries.

Historical war gamesWar games can be defined as a game with a plot. The role of the plot corresponds to them, as a rule, history. You can look at it in such a way that the player enjoys communicating with this story. Of course, war games are not the only category of games where the storyline is important. In war games, we are talking not only about the most emotional and superficial sense of communication with history, but also about the fact that they allow you to better understand the mechanisms that control the fate of soldiers, troops, army and States.

Often a war game confronts us with dilemmas that were involving historical heroes, generals or politicians. Here, too, as in the Euro games, we must solve various puzzles, strive to pursue different goals, neutralize threats or balance between them. So all of this is designed in a way that reflects the real problems, constraints and opportunities that have emerged in this conflict. A further consequence of what I mentioned above is the ability to change the course of the game of history, of course, within certain limits.

Greek war games

Coming back to your question, not without meaning for me the theme of greek war games. Always interested in history and war games, next to reading history books, in my case one of the main ways to develop these interests. I will add at once that you do not need to be a historian or passionate about history to play this kind of game and have a good time. I am historian. Just like me. History is for me one of my Hobbies, not a profession, or a stage of education.

Greek war gamesYes, I am pleased when the game – its mechanisms – give in some way the plot. I will give here examples of historical war games such as Automobile, Oligarchs, K2, you Ice Garden, the world without end, Wir sind das Volk! However, they have – immunity and from the beginning – the distance to the world depicted. The authors adopt a certain range of realism based mainly on the imagination of the players. The words of J. R. R. Tolkien – the suspension of disbelief. Both board war games authors and players accept in advance that the model is rather schematic. Has to pass the overall tone and mood of the prototype.

History war games

But in acient war games – as it seems to me-this desire for details of the model is quite far advanced. These coefficients describe morale, loss, differences in training and equipment… is it possible to describe such complex parameters? And most importantly for me – I can’t stop disbelief in the case of greek war games (complicated) – how can you believe in a different outcome of war, battle, skirmish than in real history?

History war gamesI have to stipulate that I do not know all of the history war games names you listed, but for me this kind of game, however, mostly abstract mechanisms in which, maybe, and added some plot, but too much of it there. Usually it is so that someone comes up with some kind of mathematical mechanism, and then at the very end earns for this some history. Do you have a feeling that you are playing „K2”, it is somehow connected with the ascent to K2? With the mountains? Tolkien is a denial of this approach. He created a vast fantasy world, based on his linguistic and literary knowledge, came up with, for example, special languages races inhabiting middle-earth, there are in his novels many different details that make them reliable. Happy to get the game, referring to the fictional world of fantasy, if they have something…

Acient war games

With the detail in acient war games so really different. It’s a bit like writing a history book. You make a selection of facts and other elements of the described reality, focusing on what is important. In games, you can show the same conflict from different angles. Focus on different aspects. Sometimes in battles it is more important to capture one or more of the most important aspects.

Acient war gamesA good example would be Napoleon’s Triumph. Battle of Austerlitz (2.XII.1805) was in some sense a trap, that Napoleon left on Allies.

The key to this battle is that at first the allies rubbed, wanting to blame the French army, not knowing that the French would actually have more power than was seen, and not expecting an attack on their center. Then during the battle, the roles are reversed. The French are for the offensive, and the army of the Austro-Russian only trying to save his own skin. The big trick that failed the author of „Napoleon’s Triumph” lead to the fact that despite the fact that players know what happened, carry out more or less similar scenario in the game and have in their so much freedom, their actions are not strictly predetermined.

Ancient wars games

With the myth that another outcome of war, battle, or campaign is impossible for complex games, I’ll admit that I’m wondering where this comes from among fans of ancient wars games, because anyone who has ever played history war games (well, maybe a few times – to have a representative sample) will immediately realize that it has nothing to do with reality. Of course, especially in the case of war, such conflicts that this party was not able to win, but then the conditions of the victory of the ancient wars games, as a rule, are built in such a way that we look if the player managed to achieve more than your army, you do the leader in history. This is only one possibility as with the war not win make a game where the player can win.

I acknowledge that this alone (lover of abstract mechanisms) is amazing, but I just K2 is such a game where I feel frostbite, oxygen hunger, bitter frustration with the next step (unsuccessful) and hostility of the situation that I will cope with this grief. Few other games have worked for me like this…

Although these titles often avoid glare, they are still in the virtual store of most online stores

Of course, the statement mentioned in the introduction suggests utopian thinking, because for ten years ordinary people can not imagine that high-quality education with video games is possible. However, this assumption is quite justified today.

In addition to video games can stimulate the reward center in the brain

In addition to video games can stimulate the reward center in the brain

In addition to the popular tension and many violent shooters, there are many games on the video games market that serve to acquire and develop specific skills. The harmful effects of virtual shooters are already known to every parent, but we can not go beyond how certain games can develop their skills.

For a while, to stay in action games, do you know, for example, that shooters can increase the speed of thinking and perception of brain processes, while logic games are more accurate? Rolf Nelson, a professor at Wheaton College, confirmed this research by investigating how brain-based games play different mechanisms.

During the experiment, interviews were conducted with twenty students who had to play logic or action game for one hour after the spatial search, and then had to repeat the first task after the game time. Studies have shown the following results:

„Toys that require quick attention to visual attention and the rapid mobilization of motor operations, speeds are better than accuracy, while slower, more thought-out are the reverse.” Different games require different skills and their impact can be measured in a short time . ”

Different games require different skills and their impact can be measured in a short time

Different games require different skills and their impact can be measured in a short time

Of course, these effects are influenced by different circumstances, but dear parents, as can be seen from the research described above, do not really have to assume the worst. Children grow up in modern technical means and circumstances in which a computer and intelligent use of a mobile phone is considered the most natural thing in the world, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Similar thoughts, but a somewhat more provocative statement, is also considered by Peter Gray, a professor of psychology at Boston College. According to her, children instinctively recognize that video games develop the skills necessary in today’s world, that’s why all parents should let their children spend as much time playing games as you like.

Although, according to the statement in bold exploration works smoothly during the reproduction of various tactics and we noticed a causal relationship, which later can be used in other areas of life. Progressive teachers would like to use in teaching this mechanism of action, because according to them, in addition to video games can stimulate the reward center in the brain, with a longer period of time interest, conversation is involuntary learning progressively more and more difficult challenges that can only constant attention and continuous practice can defeat.

Progressive teachers would like to use in teaching this mechanism of action, because according to them, in addition to video games can stimulate the reward center in the brain, with a longer period of time interest, conversation is involuntary learning progressively more and more difficult challenges that can only constant attention and continuous practice can defeat.

Virtual character management can also have a positive effect on the player’s ability in virtual space

Virtual character management can also have a positive effect on the player's ability in virtual space

In addition, many studies show that different action games increase the ability to concentrate and short-term memory, allowing players to better focus and share their attention in their work and easier to switch between different tasks.

Virtual character management can also have a positive effect on the player’s ability in virtual space. Although, after many years of experience, it may seem that it’s easy to play, using a keyboard, mouse or even a controller is a very complex task that only works with the exact use of all functions.

Doctors examined the study 2007 engagement on the impact of handheld games and small movements of the fingers, i.e. a small movement of the engine, in which the doctors compared performance.

My article deliberately does not want to cross a certain threshold and become a parent counselor

On the one hand, this is not because on the basis of current research you can not take into account the fact that violence in video games is aggressive. This is not because the goal is to emphasize the thin border, which may not be too big for the scientific work, i.e. it does not follow any of the parties.

The number also shows the recommended age to be taken into account when shopping


In conclusion, it can be concluded that the common point of negative impacts can be the deterrent effect of dualism of inclination and violence, which is a serious threat to the child. At the same time, it can be avoided or solved, providing an appropriate family environment, paying attention.

The number also shows the recommended age to be taken into account when shopping

Finally, the existence of a system that is the so-called uniform European game information system (PEGI) should be highlighted to help European parents make informed choices about purchasing computer games in a box and / or book of each video game. If violence occurs in the game, it will be indicated by the icon, if there is sexual content, it is etc.

The number also shows the recommended age to be taken into account when shopping. We have heard many times, almost to the elbows come out play a fundamental form of learning for children, many of us are not aware of the importance of the game, not its options.

The more gameplay you try, the more flexible, the more problematic you will be in adulthood

The more gameplay you try, the more flexible, the more problematic you will be in adulthood

I think it is important to play free games, but you also need to participate in social games because they provide the child with a different type of experience and learning opportunities. The more gameplay you try, the more flexible, the more problematic you will be in adulthood. Playing as a result of the ability of the child are evidently develop, it is worth considering the sensitive periods of development child, which means that during the maturation of certain skills develop at a faster rate than others.

Taking this into account, the pace of development will be much more spectacular. In one year, the most important thing is to gather experience related to exercises and acquire knowledge related to the sense organs. At the age of 1-2, the development of speech comprehension skills and expressive language skills develops quickly.

At the age of Ovis, cognitive (cognitive) functions, social areas are developing at a faster pace. We find more and more present in the record, which is intended not to develop the ability (because it can quickly become boring), but also facilitates the acquisition of several smaller skills as well.

Positive video game effects

Positive video game effects

It is not a coincidence to use the game to build learning, because the game has no opponents in complicated development. Contemporary pedagogy of development no longer uses „practice” because the child can also master the skills that the school needs in the game.

Many will argue with this, but what about the problem if the child always plays?

Positive video game effects. Video games are forcing children – many people say, but their positive effects are rarely mentioned. It’s time to talk about it. Articles that try to demonstrate adverse effects on the human brain, child development and the degree of aggression caused by video games are published daily.

Currently, a lot of research is being done on this subject, from which we can constantly learn more about the impact of computer games. We can rightly believe that these studies are mostly negative, but many people forget that these negative results are more likely to spread the popular press than those who try to prove that virtual reality can be a future child’s school.

2011 Regional Qualification Tournament Results

The 2012 New Zealand Canoe Polo Schools Championships will be held at the Makino Aquatic Centre, Feilding on 30 March – 1 April. All teams must qualify for the national champs through regional qualification tournaments. Check out the documents below for more information or contact the Schools Director Peter Bolton.

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2011 Regional Qualification Tournament Results